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What We Offer

At Londoloze Consult, we believe in covering the full value chain when it comes to funeral and micro insurance. When you become a partner of Londoloze Consult, you automatically gain access to all our below services.


  • Access to an Underwriting Manager with SA’s top funeral insurers

  • Ensuring you pay the best and most sustainable insurance premium 

  • Assist you with the complex process of ‘onboarding’

Funeral Underwriting

  • Daily claims assistance and management

  • Dedicated personnel assigned to your claims to ensure fast turnaround times on claims

  • We pay your claims on the same day!

Claims Management & Payment

  • Dissecting your current business process and providing solutions to ensure better overall production

  • We offer a formal feedback report to you on how we think your business can improve and save more money

Business Processes

  • White labelled products designed to ensure you differentiate from your competitors

  • Adding new and value products to existing members to ensure continuous growth of your business

  • Assistance with marketing and social media strategies  

Growth Strategies

  • Access to the industries best administration software programs and support

  • Facilitating and assisting with your month ends, data reconciliations and submissions to the insurer

  • Processes and system training workshops for staff members at your branches


  • We assist you to ensure that you meet all the FSCA regulatory requirements

  • Assistance in setting up your FSP licence

  • We ensure your business remains compliant and up to date with the latest regulatory changes

  • Branch workshops to train staff members on regulatory matters


  • In depth actuarial analysis done on your current business

  • We identify problem products to prevent a premium increase being given to the entire book

  • Constant monitoring of the schemes performance to ensure proactive decisions are made instead of reactive decisions

Risk Management

  • Why give our secret away here – contact us today!

Industry Changing Products

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